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I'm Abigail.

Words are the most beautiful things I know, and I’m here to make you look GOOD.


Let's be real. You know how to hustle. You're great at what you do. You've also got a billion and one things on your to-do list.


The good news: my job is to make your life easier!


As a former charity worker, I connected with all kinds of people by exploring different cultures and perspectives and finding our common ground.


As a copywriter, I use these skills to help you build genuine rapport with your ideal prospects, increase sales, and achieve your business dreams!


First, I learn the soul of your brand. Are you more “pep talk” or “TED talk?” Opera or oldies? Stilettos or fuzzy socks? Cognac or cappuccino? 


Then, I craft one-of-a-kind copy that resonates with your target audience so they say, “Heck yes! That's for me! Where do I buy?” 

Let’s make your brand a masterpiece, your business a smashing success, and your dreams - well, maybe, possibly come true. 

What do you say?

P.S. If you live near Kansas City, we should definitely chat over coffee (or bubble tea, or your beverage of choice) - it's on me!  Otherwise, Zoom is the next best thing.


P.P.S. When I'm not writing, you'll likely find me experimenting with a new concoction in the kitchen, taking long walks in nature, or spending quality time with my fiancé, Leo.

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