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When There Is No Fast-Forward Button

I'll admit it.

I buy my fair share of stuff from Amazon.

Sometimes I just need something cheap and easy that doesn't require me to put on "real" clothes and drive across town. Thank goodness the big-box conglomerates are there for us when we need them.

However, “quick, cheap, and easy” doesn't always produce the outcomes we really need or want.

Because regardless of what our instant gratification culture tells us, most of life doesn't work that way. Most of us are living lives of baby steps and thankless tasks. We make long-haul plans and wrestle with invaluable decisions.

Yes, we can purchase expedited shipping for a new phone, or life-hack our way through irksome household chores, but we can’t fast forward through life.

Cutting corners ends up cutting our potential and that of our business.

You know this.

You know that running a business demands grit, commitment, and a high tolerance for the "two-steps-forward-one-step-back" process. You know that branding, marketing, and building client relationships aren’t one-time events. They are long-term investments.

They are definitely not quick, cheap, or easy.

Great things usually aren’t.

So yes, I use Amazon when the situation calls for it. Sometimes I throw my sharp knives in the dishwasher instead of hand-washing them. (And my mom’s voice in my head scolds me for “ruining” them.)

But when it matters, I choose to be intentional. My business needs it. My clients need it. My future needs it.

Default mode is easy. But intentionality is what gets us places.

Where do you refuse to take shortcuts in your business and/or career? Leave a comment and let me know! (And share your favorite life hack, if you have one.)

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