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Ditching Your New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

It’s been years since I last set a New Year’s resolution.

Most of us know those darn things never least not for very long.

Why is that?

I have a hunch: it's because we put the cart before the horse.

We set ambitious goals for ourselves before we’ve actually nurtured the smaller habits and milestones we need to achieve the goal in the first place.

Successfully reaching a goal, however, is a lot like building a house or fitting into a smaller dress size. The finished project only happens as a result of many smaller tasks, tools, and processes.

For example, if my goal is to lose 20 pounds, there is a host of smaller goals I need to achieve first:

*Finding the right workout routine for my body

*Training myself to wake up early to hit the gym

*Learning proper stretches so I don’t get injured

*Managing junk food temptations

*Learning to cook healthy meals

Similarly, if my goal is to run a successful small business or bring in X amount of revenue, I can’t just jump from Point A to Point B. My list of smaller goals may look like this:

*Networking with people who support and inspire my business growth

*Setting boundaries to protect my family and personal time to avoid burnout

*Understanding and managing my cash flow, financial statements, and tax obligations

*Creating the kind of workplace that attracts and retains quality employees

*Crafting website content that draws in my ideal prospects

*Investing in advertising and marketing strategies to increase visibility and pump up profits

Success isn’t a magic destination we arrive at if we grit our teeth and work our butts off.

Success is grown from the seeds we cultivate: the small, everyday tasks of relating, investing, marketing, nurturing, learning and adjusting.

My pro tip: ditch the all-or-nothing New Year’s resolutions and start cultivating the things you truly need to succeed.

What seeds will you cultivate in 2023?

Jot me a note on Facebook or via my website and let’s dream a bit!

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